Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Endless Summer

I'm calling this post "endless summer" because for the first time since I was 6 years old, I do not have to go to school in the Fall!  It's an amazing feeling, but kinda weird too:)  Anyway, here is a wrap-up of my awesome summer!

Dustin and I kicked off the summer with our friends, The Seaburys', at Taylorsville Dayzz since we are now Taylorsvillagers!

While we were there, Christie and I became possessed (as evidenced by the picture)!  We also survived the horror of the "Honey Buckets" aka a porta potty with a huge puddle of "water" where you had to stand.  I'm still scarred.

Next we went to Island Park with Jessica and Colby and stayed at The Broadbent's cabin!  It was SO beautiful.

Jessica's brother Jason and his wife Bri also came with their cute baby, Aria

We had a blast wakeboarding and floating down the river while singing "Just around the river bend" the entire time!

Then we got to hang out with our ol' pals, The Hilberts!

I think Memo and Boozer really want a baby:)

Mid-summer we went to Bear Lake with The Mitchell's!  

While we were there we adopted 3 beautiful girls.  Actually, 5 year old Karina was practicing her photography skills.  Pretty good, huh?!

This year Dustin's dad surpassed me as having the most embarrassing moment (last year I ran into/through a screen door--hey, it was dark!!!)  Anyway, there was a little girl at the miniature golf course that looked exactly like our niece Bella.  Bob thought it was Bella and tried to take her away from her family.  Needless to say, she was very frightened:)

Later that day, we had a water fight (4 grown men against 4 little girls)!  It wasn't a fair fight and Dustin accidentally threw a water balloon that landed right on Savannah's head.  So, the girls got revenge with the help of Grandma (except the water balloon turned out to be pretty indestructible)!

Lastly, we went to the Bee's game with The Buhler's!  

We felt like we were VIP's cuz Jake's friend got Shalise and I to be part of his juggling act and rewarded us with the coolest balloons ever!

Shalise's ballon was the rose from Beauty and the Beast and mine was the little mermaid

Thanks guys!!!

Can't wait to see what Fall has in store for us:)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nursing graduation & pinning

Well, it finally happened...I was beginning to think I would never graduate from Nursing school, but I finally did it!!  It was a rough 2.5 years and I can't tell you how happy I am that it's over.  

I could not have completed school without my wonderful family and friends.  Thank you:
Dustin for always being patient with me during my many nursing school induced mood swings 
Mom for being so supportive and helping me with "the kids"
Friends (you know who you are) that didn't get mad at me for doing homework while hanging out
Family that was understanding when I ditched parties early to study
Nursing friends (especially Terrie and Nina) that reminded me when things were due and studied with me

  Thank you all so much!  (And sorry that this sounds a bit like an acceptance speech!)

 A nursing tradition is to be pinned as a nurse by a current nurse.  I was lucky enough to be 
pinned by my uncle John who is also a Registered Nurse.

  Westminster holds their pinning ceremony at St. Mark's cathedral, it was absolutely beautiful.

Westminster held graduation at the Maverik Center.  It was a LONG ceremony.  Thank you family for enduring that day:)  I love you all!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

On Thursday (April 28, 2011), I finished the last final for my Bachelor's degree.  Walking out of that test, I felt like a prisoner who was just released!  Ok, that's a little dramatic but a huge weight was lifted out my shoulders and I felt free.  To celebrate, I went out to The Bayou with a bunch of my nursing school friends!